About ZenVillage Wellness Nutrition and Lifestyle Programs


Based on the principle that the body naturally seeks balance, ZVW's holistic and integrated nutrition program focuses on the effects of food and lifestyle choices on your system as a whole.  Our approach helps your system find its way back to balance by refining food and lifestyle choices, and we address common barriers along the way.

ZVW's nutrition counseling and health coaching program advises, supports, and helps you achieve your dietary and wellness goals through creative action planning and inspirational dialogue.  Move from intention to action via new, enjoyable, and sustainable food and lifestyle changes.  ZVW serves as your champion to help you disengage old habits and cultivate new ones.  We see you as a whole and resourceful person and know that you have the capacity to be your most glowing and balanced self.  Let's co-create a pathway to your own lasting success!

Our practitioners and coaches can offer results in:

  • Weight Loss
  • Stress Reduction
  • Muscle and Joint Pain
  • Mental Clarity
  • Children's Nutrition and much more.

Schedule  up your consultation today. Our professionals will refer you to ZenVillagers best practitioner that fits your needs.

Services provided are

  • One on One
  • Small Group classes (1-5)
  • Seminars

Get Started

  1. Drink more water
  2. Practice cooking
  3. Experiment with whole grains
  4. Increase sweet vegetables
  5. Increase leafy green vegetables
  6. Experiment with protein
  7. Eat less meat, dairy, sugar and chemicalized, artificial junk foods; consume less coffee, alcohol and tobacco
  8. Develop easy and reliable habits to nurture your body
  9. Have healthy relationships that support you
  10. Find physical activity you enjoy and do it regularly
  11. Find work you love or a way to love the work you have
  12. Develop a spiritual practice

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